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Expert Care for All Fractures.

If you suffer a cracked or broken bone, you will need quality orthopedic care in order to heal properly. Ventura Orthopedics is experienced in all aspects of treatment for any type of broken bone. Whether your break is the result of an accident, an athletic injury, repetitive stress, or a degenerative orthopedic condition such as osteoporosis, our orthopedic surgeons can guide you through all your treatment options to ensure you meet your healthcare goals. Our team of compassionate and caring doctors, surgeons and physical therapists will develop a treatment plan for your injury that may include:

  • State-of-the-art digital imaging to evaluate the severity of the fracture
  • Immobilization of the fracture using a cast, splint or brace
  • Minimally invasive surgery, if necessary
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, therapy and continued outpatient care
  • Durable medical equipment such as crutches, boots and more

Help When You Need It.

Fast, efficient and convenient, we offer same day appointments for fractures and will deliver your digital imaging results to your doctor as soon as they are available to help speed up your diagnosis and treatment.

Instant Insight Via Digital Images.

Our expert doctors and surgeons have Digital X-Rays and orthopedic-specific MRIs at each location. Best of all, results are read by our team of board-certified orthopedic radiologists for exceptional accuracy.

Treating Your Fracture With Casts, Splints and Braces.

In most cases, broken bones do not require surgery. Once your doctor has evaluated your fracture and repositioned the broken bones he/she may apply a plaster or fiberglass cast to immobilize the bones so they will be in proper position for proper healing. For those with less severe fractures, your doctor may treat your fracture with a brace or splint that enables you to enjoy some movement of nearby joints.

Stay Mobile with Durable Medical Equipment.

Ventura Orthopedics carries a multitude of high quality medical equipment such as boots, braces, crutches and more, and oftentimes can supply you with the equipment you need immediately following your appointment.

Find Orthopedic Fracture Experts at Ventura Orthopedics

At Ventura Orthopedics’ Camarillo office, our first-rate team of orthopedic doctors, surgeons and therapists have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your fracture and develop a custom plan for treatment. We have an enviable record of successfully treating all types of fractures. If you have been injured or suspect you may have broken a bone, talk to the experts at Ventura Orthopedics today. We offer the latest advancements in treatments and look forward to helping you feel whole again.

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