11-19-2015 This is the best therapy place I've ever been to. Not once did I have a bad experience. I feel that everyone was well educated not only on their field, but also on sensitivity training. Everyone was great!

11-19-2015 Lisa and Brittney were very professional and very personable. Would recommend to anyone.

11-19-2015 My physical therapist Sandy was exceptional. She has gotten me to a level I did not think possible. She is running an awesome program.

11-19-2015 My experience has been wonderful. I feel great. I owe my recovery to Ventura Orthopedics.

11-19-2015 The therapist working on my back did an excellent job. Never thought it would take my pain away and it did. Thanks so much.

11-19-2015 Shelby and PT assistants and staff were amazing!

8-31-2015 This was my first visit at Vta Orthopedics. I enjoyed my therapy time here. All staff members were very helpful, courteous and friendly. I would like to extend a "Big THANK You" to Janelle who worked my butt off to get me healthier! She cares deeply and I'm grateful for everything!! Thanks again!!

8-31-2015 I could barely walk when I started physical therapy. I am virtually pain free thanks to Janelle and the support staff at Ventura Orthopedic.

8-31-2015 The best care, advise, counsel and treatment. Having incurred many sports injuries this was the best physical therapy by far.

8-31-2015 (PT) The entire P.T. staff here is AMAZING! From Veronica at the front desk to the P.T. aides and the physical therapists, they are all outstanding!! I always feel well taken care of and the whole P.T. staff obviously really cares about the patients. Thank you for the healing!

7-29-2015 (PT) My PT (Susan) was experienced, compassionate and caring for ALL of my treatments. Her knowledge of muscle and joint therapy exceeds andy studies ever taught. She was the BEST caregiver anyone could ever have.

7-29-2015 (Simi Office) Very happy with my experience here. Debbie is amazing!!

7-29-2015 (Simi Office) Kristen has done an outstanding job of curing my strained lumbar spine! She is patient, thorough and professional.

7-29-2015 (Simi Office) Debbie is encouraging when it is badly needed. All the assistants are wonderful too.

7-7-2015 (Ventura Office) The best front office staff ever! Fun classic movies "The Christmas Story."
Dr. Horn is kind and will go the extra mile to explain all procedures.

7-7-2015 (Simi Valley PT) I thank Kristen and Debbie for their work on my hand. I thank "everyone" for helping me, they are all professional and helpful. I will truly miss them. I highly recommend Ventura Ortho.

7-7-2015 (Simi Valley PT) Jackie was fantastic! The whole team of therapists and assistants are a great group of people. Thanks to all.

7-7-2015 (Simi Valley PT) My overall experience was great at Ventura Orthopedics. From the customer service from Antonia to my physical therapist Kristen. She was super attentive to my injuries. She set up the right exercises and right treatment. Thank you

7-7-2015 (PT) Excellent P.T., outstanding bedside manner -my left elbow bicep has improved a lot thanks to Janelle, could not have gotten to this point without her. I'll refer this place to my friends and client.

7-7-2015 (Ventura Office) Dr. Horn is very caring and a very "people" person. Has a great sense of humor.

7-7-2015 (PT) The experience has been excellent, helpful with everything, towards recovery from surgery. The staff was excellent! Debbie Nadel is superior. Very satisfied with treatment.

7-7-2015 (Ventura Office) Excellent service from the time I got here. The nurses are awesome and Dr Susuki took the time to explain things to me. It helped make my visit a good visit. Would recommend to others.

7-7-2015 (Ventura Office) My experience has been very good. Dr Hofer is competent and kind with excellent follow-up. The physical therapist, aides and the entire staff is extremely competent and efficient and have been very helpful

5-2-2015 (Thousand Oaks PT)Renell, Rebecca, Jessica, Amanda, Leah, and Tiffany are the best! They are professional, loving, kind, and want us to get well and work very hard!!! Thank you for employing the very best!!!

5-2-2015 (Thousand Oaks PT)During my PT sessions, Jessica and Amanda (with Renell at the desk)were genuine, professional, happy, top notch with patient assistance and attitude.

5-2-2015 (Thousand Oaks PT)Rebecca does a wonderful job and is truly passionate about helping her patients. She is very knowledgeable and helped me get back on my feet. I would recommend her to anyone I know.

5-2-2015 (Ventura PT)Debbie is quite knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. I enjoyed working with her and all of the staff at both Ventura and Oxnard PT.

5-2-2015 (Oxnard PT)This is a wonderful place with so many kind and caring people. If you need care, this is the place to be.

5-2-2015 (Oxnard PT)This was the best PT I have ever had! Janelle and all the staff were great! I improved so fast, in fact, faster than I thought I would! They are great! I will recommend to everyone I know! Wonderful experience!

5-2-2015 (Oxnard PT)This is a very nice, spacious and well equipped facility. I felt very comfortable with my first visit. The staff are efficient and dedicated to their patients success. Most recent- Shelby guided me through rehab from knee surgery with friendly and no-nonsense pace "to stretch beyond my expectations"- as did Kristen when we did my other knee! Thanks for being here!

5-2-2015 (Oxnard PT)Kristen Joyce is the best physical therapist that I have had while I had my shoulder injury. Before I came to work with her team, I tried other therapists nothing nothing compared to the team from Ventura Orthopedics. Thank you for making me feel so much better.

4-24-2015 (Simi PT)Everyone in the physical therapy area is very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. they treat patients with patience, but also keep focus on the goal. Breanna in particular is very professional.

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)The staff is amazing. Sandy was always pushing me to do more and was very attentive to my needs.

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)Great experience, only one thing is missing a leg press.

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)Thanks a bunch everyone. Toshio- you're great. Very knowledgeable and a great motivator. Thanks also to the the girls for always having an encouraging word for me and making this fun. Thanks to you I can "function" again. I'd love to come back if I ever need PT again. :-)

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)Sandy Sipe is a very informative, caring, pleasant and excellent physical therapist. She provided good practical information for exercises and techniques. Kristen is very positive, on the ball to get the exercises done with good enthusiasm. Sienna is very helpful and is still learning. She will be a good contributor to the group when she is fully trained. Great staff and I appreciate all the good help. Thank you!

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)Everyone truly makes an effort to ensure that I got the most out of every visit and pushed me to complete my exercises, even wen I thought it was beyond my ability. They were great.

4-4-2015 (Oxnard, Dr. Deitel, Shelby)Dr. Deitel and physical therapist Shelby always provided me with timely and clear instructions relating to the exercises to promote the healing of my broken hip.

4-4-2015 (Oxnard PT)I have been to other places for PT but my experience with Ventura Orthopedics has been outstanding!!! Sandy and Kristen are amazing people to work with! :-)

4-4-2015 (Ventura PT, Debbie)I was very pleased with my physical therapy and the exercises were easily understood.

4-4-2015 (Ventura, Dr. Suzuki & Adria)I would say excellent if Dr. Suzuki had ultra magical powers but he is fantastic- he is professional, personable, genuine, knowledgeable, informative and indeed his looks are a bit distracting as he is quite a yumster!! Adria has continued to prove helpful. Results oriented with humor and compassion. She's tough but one doesn't say 'no' to her therapy recommendations and challenges. Excellent experience- very grateful to all staff- seriously!

4-4-2015 (Ventura PT, Adria)Everyone is professional, yet caring. Focused on what I need but aware of my needs and limitations. Wonderful experience for me.

4-4-2015 (Ventura, Dr. Hofer)Entire staff friendly, caring, and professional. Always attentive and prompt and knowledgeable.

3-26-2015 (Thousand Oaks PT)By far, the best PT experience I've ever had. The professionalism, knowledge and care far exceeds this typical therapeutic environment. The whole body approach is genius and accelerated my healing and left me with a greater awareness of my body and its function. I recommend the TO crew to all patients looking to become stronger and healthier.

3-26-2015 (Thousand Oaks PT)Knowledgeable, friendly, patient, sincere- just a few words the describe the staff. The facility is spotless, spacious and comfortable. I was treated like family and my rehab was actually fun thanks to the caring staff. :-)

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Jackie and the aides under her direction helped me improve my quality of life! I'm very grateful!

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Breanna, Cathy, Neil and all the staff were so friendly and supportive. Will miss them.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)You guys are all awesome! :-)

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Everyone here has made this a pleasant experience. Everyone is patient and friendly.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Fun friendly staff.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)I enjoyed therapy here. Lisa was very helpful and her and Brittany were always fun and joyful.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Thank you so much! The ASTYM treament that Bernadette did really helped a lot.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Everyone was caring, knowledgeable and professional. I feel so much stronger and my improvement is amazing. Thank you so much.

3-23-2015 (Simi Valley PT)Very friendly, helpful staff.

3-17-2015 (Ventura)I loved Dr. Suzuki: kind, informative, straight-forward. Cortisone shot well done.

3-16-2015 (Thousand Oaks)God was smiling down on me when I broke my hip last year. He made sure Dr. Turk was on call. I feel very blessed to have Dr. Turk and his team on my side. (I'm fine and healthy now). I truly love these people!

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Ventura Orthopedics PT is the best. Kristen, Janelle, and Julia, plus all other staff are great. It's a pleasure to come here. Dr. Deitel is great. Thank you.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Sand Sipe, PT and her staff were professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends, family, and patients.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Having the ASTYM technique used on my hand completely revitalized my motion and range. Thank you to all the staff. They helped me my therapy an enjoyable one. I know where I'll come for therapy in the future.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Janelle was a wonderful PT. She made me better. Kristen and Julia were wonderful also. Keep up the good work all of you. You deserve a medal of honor.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)This was a perfect experience. Not only am I so much better physically, but Im inspired to go on and get my whole body in shape. Toshio is amazing- knowledgeable, flexible, charming, disarmingly helpful at all times. I cannot imagine a better experience!! Thank you!!

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Very professional staff, most attentive to my well being during exercise, explained clearly. Staff is very caring and kind, friendly people. Facility is always in order and clean. Music is nice mixture, not at all annoying. I always feel welcome with every visit. My physical therapist was excellent, very understanding, kind, concerned with my health issue. Thank you all for helping my to get better and stronger.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Many, many thanks to Shelby, Tom, Julia, and the rest of the PT team, including Toshio, Janelle, and those other who offered occasional assistance. Everyone was attentive without being overbearing, as well as personable making the PT work enjoyable. They kept careful notes on my progress in the PT room, but also on my activities at home. The exercises given seemed to always have a purpose and were increased, decreased or abandoned as necessary. Giving written copies of the exercises so that they could be correctly duplicated at home was helpful. Shelby's questions and plans were regularly directed at how I was going in my daily living and recreational activities at home. She was always encouraging as was the entire team. I lead a fairly active life and have had several occasions when I needed PT services since my mid-20's. I would rate this entire team among the very best of those experiences. P.S. Please be sure to include Veronica in that rating for her prompt greetings, and easy style of managing appointments.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)Everyone was very nice and helpful.

3-9-2015 (Oxnard PT)The best physical therapist (Sandy) I ever had. Hands on and very detailed. Her staff is also very good. All nice people.

2-27-2015 (Ventura PT)Debbie is very pleasant and a good therapist- Enjoyed being her patient. Thanks, Debbie.

2-26-2015 (TO PT)Exercises were very beneficial in recovering abilities and lessening pain. The staff was uniformly helpful and friendly and keep you on track.

2-26-2015 (TO PT)I had a great experience here! Everyone is friendly, kind and professional. My physical therapist did an amazing job helping me to recover with great range of motion! Thank you so much!!

2-26-2015 (TO PT)My experience at Ventura Orthopedics was a pleasure. I found the physical therapist, Rebecca Guinn, and her staff were dedicated, knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring and friendly. They made sure I learned the proper exercises and how to do them to maximize my recovery.

2-26-2015 (TO PT)Therapist is excellent. Aide is excellent. Staff is pleasant and helpful. The therapy has been very helpful and beneficial.

2-26-2015 (TO PT)Fantastic experience! You are all angels and have made this wonderful for me. I will miss you! Thank you for everything.

2-26-2015 (TO PT)Great ambiance, good care, all the aides are very helpful. Front desk- ReNell is fantastic. Rebecca has a great attitude- I care because of them!!!If you want a smile, a laugh, and to heal- fantastic!!!

2-26-2015 (TO PT)I have had an opportunity to be treated at several physical therapy offices throughout the county. Rebecca is the most professional and effective therapist I have ever had. Her therapy helped me recover from serious surgery and get back to my activities faster than anyone else. The entire staff is always friendly, efficient, and professional. The aides are well trained and always under the watchful eye of Rebecca. I would recommend Rebecca and Ventura Orthopedics therapy to everyone.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Experience was great. Staff very good.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Breanna is a great therapist. She has helped me a lot even helped me get the right shoes. She is excellent.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)As PT experiences go, this has been amazing! I'm sad to have this be my last visit. Bri, Chiho, Bernadette, Neil, Cathy, and Zade have been the best! I will be abck post hsoulder surgeries. Thank you :-)!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Awesome experience. Everyone here is really kind. It always made my day to come here. Wish it didn't have to end.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Entire staff is awesome, helpful, and knows their stuff!!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Staff is the greatest! Wouldn't go any place else for PT!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)The physical therapy department is awesome!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)My time with Chiho and all the wonderful aides has been extremely helpful in getting me back to my activities. There has been pain, but it is all "good" pain. I really appreciate the positive attitudes.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Fantastic experience with both the doctors and PT office. Thank you for everything!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Excellent care:-).

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Lisa and Brittney are sweet and excellent in their care. I had an excellent time with them.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Very professional and helpful, I will come back (if needed).

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Best place for PT in all of Ventura County. Shout out to Chiho, Cara, Mike, Kathy, and Neil!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Everyone was great! From beginning to end.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Very professional and friendly staff. Makes patients feel important. Staff is very concerned about patients as individuals. Excellent experience.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)My recovery and treatments are positive, following Lisa and Brittany's instructions. If you do the work and do the homework, you will be a success.

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Great staff!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)Entire team is great- B, Michael, Zade, and Cathy. Thanks!

01-13-2015 (Simi PT)All the physical therapists and aides I have worked with are knowledgeable and care about me getting better. Thank you!

01-12-2015 (Thousand Oaks)Lisa C always smiles,efficiently takes care of any issues and takes care of it first time. Cory is friendly and a nice person. Lisa B is always willing and able to answer any questions related to the office visit, authorizations, she's friendly and efficient. Stephenie answers questions nicely. Office staff Lisa, Lisa B, and Cory- way to go. Thank you for all you do. Kudos to ALL. Keep up the good work. Dr. Deitel is one of the best of all, really happy with the care. They are the best.

12-15-2014 (OX PT)Janelle was great! A true professional who is very good at her job. Dr. Zeman completed 2 surgeries on my elbow for different issues and my elbow is coming along fine.

12-15-2014 (OX PT)Thank you so much!! You're a great team, everybody is friendly with the patients. I'm going to miss my therapy.

12-15-2014 (OX PT)There is no place better to recover to full body exercises! Shelby- I love you! Thanks to all!

12-14-2014 (TO PT)I had a great experience with my therapist, Debbie. I learned a lot about my body and how to help myself avoid pains in the future. I am aware that my condition can come back and I may need more help but this facility will always be my first choice. I also like to thank Jeanine for her effort and patience she has. In conclusion, this is a great team of wonderful people and I had a lot of fun feeling better.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)The therapists were so challenging, positive, cheerful, encouraging! I feel so much improvement in strength and mobility. Thanks!

12-14-2014 (TO PT)Thank you for the exercises. I did not have a problem running a 5k only three weeks after I started PT.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)Very good experience. Never thought hurting my knee would turn out so well. Everyone was very professional even though I wasn't. Great team.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)Rebecca and Leah and 2 office girls all very helpful and friendly.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)It was amazing! Everybody here is so helpful and sweet. The best (and only) physical therapy I have ever received. Rebecca and Leah for life!

12-14-2014 (TO PT)I received excellent care from start to finish! Friendly and helpful office staff made scheduling easy and workable to my schedule. Rebecca was awesome- explaining what was going on and ensuring I was comfortable with my therapy. Leah was also wonderful to work with.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)Rebecca is the best! Very much appreciate everything.

12-14-2014 (TO PT)They are very nice.

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)Best Ever! Fixed Everything!

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)I had a very interesting experience from the start with a very good PT, Janelle. She was very thorough, everyone was very helpful, making sure required exercises are done properly. I had therapy from other placed and this is beyond compare. I highly recommend your facility. Thank you.

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)It's hard work, but it helped me get back in walking condition.

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)Thanks to all the therapy group and Dr. G. Feeling so much better than when I started my shoulder therapy. Happy Holidays!

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)Absolutely love the physical therapy staff. Very attentive, supportive, and challenge you to profess. Great atmosphere.

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)With many thanks to Shelby and staff for helping me heal my knee! I have enjoyed my sessions even with the pain because I learned how to strengthen my injury and continue to care for it in the proper way with exercises and a positive attitude. Thank you everyone for everything and I will wear my graduation shirt with pride!

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)Outstanding customer service and also the therapist. Good Job!!!

12-3-2014 (Oxnard PT)Really appreciated my time doing PT at Ventura Orthopedics. The staff was friendly and understanding. My knee feels almost like new!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Every physical therapy session was beneficial and provided exercises I will continue to do on my own. Everyone on the staff was great- an overall good experience.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Personnel are very friendly. My sessions at Ventura Orthopedics have been very helpful for the issue I was sent here for. Molly and Jessica were great!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Jessica and Debbie have been great therapists that I would go to again if necessary. They were very thorough and encouraging. Jeanine was great to "torture me". Haha! She was especially sweet and caring and showed concern when pain increased.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)You have a wonderful staff. Great group so helpful and easy to talk to. Helped me so much.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)I was not sure at first- now I would recommend this highly-very informative. Thank you, thank you!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Thanks to all for your hard work in getting myself back on my two feet. I very much appreciate Debbie more than words can explain. Thanks you are all the best.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)All of the staff does a great job are very professional and manage to make you feel like family at the same time.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Very good facility. Great service. The pain back to point of pre-surgery. Great staff- very helpful. Steve Edwards was very helpful and professional.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)All physical therapists and assistants are so warm and helpful and friendly and supportively instruct (I will miss them).

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Great experience. The exercises really helped me heal 100%. Great staff.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)The physical therapists at Ventura Orthopedics are excellent! They're patient and helpful. They made a big difference in my recovery!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)I am very pleased with the care I received. I feel very comfortable and would feinitely use Ventura Orthopedics Medical Group Again.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Nice job by entire staff. Debbie is the "best ever"!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)The team was very helpful in my treatment process. I feel that after my treatment I have better mobility and strength!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Very positive experience! Professional staff that are knowledgeable and caring. Equipment that fits your needs in a clean and safe environment. Thank you!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)These people are perfect in all ways possible.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Deb is awesome! I had a great experience and definitely feel a lot better! Thank you Debbie, Brandy, and Jeanine.

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Much better now, thanks!

12-1-2014 (TO PT)Fantastic experience! Many kudos to Debbie- so special, Brandy- great!